Take a long look at the decline of Rhodesia, the economic collapse of Zimbabwe and Argentina, and the continuing situation in South Africa for a good look at what is possible.

All were first world countries, now, not so much.
The day to day grind, the rampant crime, the lack of daily necessities, and how people have adapted.

We have sources here for South Africa, FerFAL’s website for Argentina, the New Rhodesian Forum and Cathy Buckle’s website (liberal but full of daily insight) for Rhodesia and Zim.

How people will react in upstate NY, have a good look at the ’68 blackout and people’s reactions, not the same area exactly but many of the same people.

Frankly, I wouldn’t bet a nickle on anyone’s chances in that area, too many people, too little resources.

Good luck on the book.