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i think you can pretend not to be a prepper
i mean the main character can be “ordinary people” which have mental ability of “prepper” without he ever realizing it and not look a like real prepper
( prepper always associated with tons of gear, BOB, BOV, evacuating plan, defense tool etc )
one of example are the author of “Sherlock Holmes”
ordinary writer cannot just replacing the author of sherlock holmes
( that having analytical and logical deductive thinking )
although some people can write that seems to be like sherlock holmes
but people can recognize it’s not the real sherlock holmes… just by reading the story
( mental ability, way of thinking sometimes cannot be just replicate… it must be deeper )
to make it more real
the main character can be ordinary people that have grandpa/grandma of “refugee”
( maybe like Nikola Tesla )
who ever listen to his grandpa/grandma talking about why he become refugee, how he doing it, and what preparation he have to deal with
( such as selling house and every “unmovable” asset he have before war take place, buy gold and silver jewelery or coin … and just carry them easily )
or cast gold and silver to become hand tool ( hammer, saw, etc ) to avoid suspicious inspector
so his grandpa can just speak “i am a carpenter, so it’s my nature to carry my tool”
to make story more attractive and unique
we must add “every day” life into the story
if the main character are young man… so mentioning about his girlfriend are making the story more real
or if the main character are man who have family… with two or three kid ( one daughter, two son ) also make it more real
neighborhood which we call bob, auntie suzie with his fancy car, hendrick with his big motorcycle, etc