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Lets see WhiteKnight, I’m a little familiar with the area. one thing about the area is its a regional medical center. The Nys thruway goes east west and 81 N into winter storm wonderland. Its a med high crime area and the area around SU is none to good. It has a VA hospital. Your BO pack should be packed and you should be armed. Masses of college students in a collapse would be a lot of craziness. There wouldn’t be a single 7/11 that hadn’t been robbed at least twice by blacks within a week. If the EBT cards go down (like the did this past weekend) the food stores will be surrounded. Carousel Mall will be overrun. It depends on the temps. The coming winter looks like it will be brutal. If i know anything about Ny the whole area will just come to a dead stop. It’ll be like new year’s day with the worst hangover ever. Outside Syracuse in the rural areas it will be more peaceful for a while at least. Syracuse does have resources but they will be under the control of the state government. Fort Drum isn’t that far away so you can also expect 10th mountain division military convoys choppers and drones 24/7 at griffith.

I hope this isn’t too bleak for your story. Good place for a story. lol