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you can try Paul Gautchi’s “Back To eden” method
this method will solving few important thing :
1. retain or holding water when rain is coming
so the plant will not flooded by water
and in hot or summer season we still have much water in the ground for our plant to prevent the plant from completely “toast” by hot season ( this is important for young plant )
2. preventing snow from freezing root plant
wood chip are absorbing some sun heat, so the root will not freeze.
it is okay if the brach are freezing but the root and some bottom brach must not freeze ( plant will grow again after snow are melt )
3. supplying nutrition for plant from wood chip degradation
( we can add chicken manure, dead leaf, cow manure, etc for creating faster top soil )
if it combine with permaculture way
our garden will last years ( or even century )
without any artificial watering system or any artificial fertilizer
or even take care much of them