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before any bank close ( bank holiday )
or any banking computer problem news ( hacker from distant countries attack )
there will be news about saudi arabia and or south asia country decide to officially join BRICS
exporting their product / resource bypassing US dollar
or even dumping US bond
basically global currency reset take place
when bank close take place
people just rush to ATM to cash out their bank deposit
( some people can get their money out, but many will “stuck” because of computer problem… and empty cash in ATM machine )
many people will rush to buy food, stuff they can buy
including buying gas, so lining in gas station are the “norm” view in every city
( you can describe the detail )
gas “shortage” become worse because of
war in ukraine and middle east are escalating
( oil supply are disrupting by war )
america decide to join NATO to “liberate” the black sea
australia will join america and forming naval and air base if any strike will take place in south east asia sea
war will be over in short period
by nuclear stike in every city in america, europe, russia, china,etc