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Selco is right
forming little group ( family and like minded friend which we can trust our life )
deciding their role (and practicing it before shtf)
so when shtf really struck
we are not in constant confuse ( what to do next )
knowing each member psychological condition
matching their abilities so we can deliver correct task
including stuff we must pack (categorize and put in different pack )
main route and few altenative route ( we need map, compas and gps if any )
few scenario ( with different place, task to do )
sometimes we need “autopilot” mode in doing few task
or even making some decision
just like driving a car
we dont have to constantly see every switch, indicator panel, pedal gas, gear switch
automatically we can switch from gas pedal to brake in split second
if any object in front of our car suddenly stop
( without even deciding or thinking are we must push the brake,
or looking the location of the brake )
thanks to many-many year of “practicing”