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During my time of being homeless I have got to say that Socks Suck, they just do. Its one more article of clothing that you have to keep washed . . . they are hard to dry out . . . they’re highly prone to getting wet inside your shoes if there is any kind of precipitation.

And worst of all, you Cannot go without washing them. It sounds nasty but you can go without washing your shirt and pants for weeks. Just rotate between them. But you cant do that with Socks, they do not air out and they seem to perfectly retain whatever BS is growing on them (and worse, when they get damp from condensation, they secretly have mold growing in them now).

I developed a foot condition called Pitted Keratolysis, which is similar to trench foot, and is extremely hard to treat. Basically I would have to be able to live under a roof and have a huge pile of fresh socks to change between every day in order to vanquish it.

Because of that I wear Boots and Socks only during the winter and late fall, and I wear Sandals or Flip Flops or even walk Barefoot for all of the hot months.

I am reminded of this because even wearing flip flops it seems like its threatening to come back.

That unique vinegar/sulphur smell is there, even if theres only a little hint of it.

(Pitted Keratolysis causes your foot sweat to become a slimy black grime that can make your feet feel all slippery even in socks. It stinks to high heaven of vinegar/sulphur, and it can come back in less than 30 minutes even after you wash your feet 100%. It also causes little pits or round indentations to start appearing on the bottom of your feet, and it can make your feet feel a little bit raw on the bottom. Im certain that it would pose an infection risk in extreme cases on the bottom of the feet as the P-K Bacteria would eventually eat so deep that it could open up the inner layers of the skin. This isnt like flesh eating bacteria or trench foot, it takes a couple weeks to eat away)

(treatment for P-K is apparently using antibiotics from the doctor, soaking your feet in warm water and epsom salts 3 times a day, and changing your socks 3 times a day, for upwards of two months. All of which are impossible in a SHTF or Homeless scenario. Meanwhile any worn socks and shoes can cause reinfection).