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Save all the PDF in a drive.

In a pinch you can also keep the computer around to look up that stuff too. This is my plan because I cant afford to print stuff, I do have a ton of PDFs about functional stuff though.

But this is difficult to do if your computer if a Tablet or E-Reader. I believe people who have IPads and Samsung and Android and other tablet PCs are going to be S-O-L in alot of ways.

I think that was part of the plan for them, and with cloud computing, when they started pushing those technologies. To make any computers people had in a shtf scenario practically useless because they dont work so well in standalone.

A Power Inverter is required to use a solar panel but it can also be used to draw power from a car battery (gee I wonder how many of Those will be laying around). Power Inverter costs about $30-70 depending where you get it, I saw it for $25 once at walmart in the electronic section next to the cell phones.

>>> Another thing I think people forget, or have not been exposed to and I know this keenly because im homeless . . . you better keep your Clothes and Fabrics dry.

Or they will Mold.

While you’re much more likely to keep your Clothes in perfect working order, your Bedding and Sheets may suffer this fate, because they will usually sit in one place all the time.

You’ll be surprised how fast you will sacrifice Washing Clothes/Bedding in exchange for using that soap to keep your Body clean. You might only be washing your clothes once every 2 weeks.

If you are outdoors in a bugout place, if you’re in a Tent especially, you run this risk even if you try to keep your stuff dry. At night time, and when it rains, it is more humid than normal. It may get colder too. Condensation will make your crap wet even if you keep it dry.

And it may not dry out either. If it rains off and on for 5 days straight you wont be able to hang it up. If it just stays nasty and hot and humid you may leave camp and come back later in the day only to find that your stuff didnt dry off one bit, even hanging out on a line. Or maybe tthere’s the daily rain shower that lasts for 30 minutes and will make sure your clothes stay wet.

(and on a minor note, hanging out clothes makes you a bigger target for being spotted if you were trying to prevent people from seeing your place)

Likewise a Tent wall which has been treated with water repellant will still generate Condensation on the inside, when cold rain falls on it. Then you’ve got water in your tent. Even if it dont get your stuff wet it may collect under the tarp and that will breed fungus which will spread in the tent by spores.

Making this long story short
Get Bedding which is made out of poly materials so that it will be very hard for mold and mildew to attach to it.

I am currently sleeping on a padded dark-plaid-colored Picnic Blanket, which is foldable and can be zipped up into a Pillow shape. The bottom of it smells a little bit now but after (how long has it been? maybe 4 months?) it has endured like a champion and I got it for $10. I think the original intention for it was to be something like you bring with you to a football stadium because it was on a stand next to a bunch of football stuff.

Just imagine having 5 of them for $50. And as a Poly material it dries out faster than normal material.

Another thing, if you have an Inflatable Mattress, keep it even when it eventually gets a hole in it (and it will, and you wont find the hole to patch it). It makes a good additional tarp for laying on. I kept mine.