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I got a good deal on a 270W and found that was one of the calibers that was not selling out

That is the key. And 270 has excellent firepower and range (its basically a necked down 308).

You wanna find something that is frequently carried, but not everybody is going to be going for. Though there’s always that chance some other dude like yourself has one of them, and they go and clear it out too. But its a risk worth taking.

Reminds me of fat-ass jeans at Wal Mart. I wear jeans in the 46-50 range. Not too many people wear those, but the ones that do have problems finding them, so they’re often gone anyway.

If its common (9mm, 40sw, 5.56, 12ga) then everybody will rush it, because everyone* can use it. Abit of a logical loop there, more common means its more prone to disappearing.