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Hi there good on you and go for it! If I may add a tip for ideas. There is a website called Wealth Daily, I’d say it’s american as it deals with the stock market, banking industries etc. I recently signed up with them through an email link to keep track of the stock market news, countries involved in buying, selling, there is talk that Russia and china wants to leave the dollar etc. Obviously I have no shares in the stocks, that’s what the site is for trying to get you to grab the next deal in stock shares and win big, don’t mind that, I just read between the lines, it will keep you informed at how long until the market crash, which countries are opting out, new technology that is out and oil free energy etc. Latest news is banks are shutting down accounts of some Americans.? Maybe check the site out, it could give you few ideas and warnings of what’s to come before the economical crash.