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I agree with the Power Supply issue when it comes to a disaster. We had a Derecho come through my area in 2009 (the may 8th storm). Our town was without power for 4 days, much of the area was out for upwards of a week and a half though.

I remember people lined up at the grocery store to use the outlets up front to charge their phones. That grocery was only open that day though because thats all the juice they had for their generators, and they had to make sure they could use the rest to keep their stuff cold until the power came back on.

The local University has its own Power Plant and almost nobody had the idea to go there to use any of the outdoor plugs. They still worked so I was kinda giddy like I knew a secret nobody else did. I had a cell phone but it was useless because I had no minutes on it. I DID have an MP3 player that I liked listening to though, it passed the time quite well.

I was homeless at that time too, for just a month or two back then, and this happened smack dab in the middle of it. Funny that I was using the university for a place to sleep sometimes, and I was sleeping in the basement of the student union (which is rated to be a civil defense shelter) when the storm hit.

The police presence was good enough that we had a curfew at night so there was no rioting. I was sleeping on a the balcony of an abandoned 2 story house so I actually had even less to worry about.

Except the process of getting back home that is. I absolutely could not afford to be picked up by the cops, so I had to get home in the pitch dark by going through people’s yards and avoiding being seen by any kind of car headlight (since you cant tell if thats a cop car, or just some normal person).

Some friends ran into me at the store and they convinced me to go hang out with them on one of the nights and they picked up a bunch of chinese food from (one of the only working restaurants in town) and I had some good food. We played a Roleplaying Game (a custom D&D setting) which was the main focus for us getting together.

The only thing that sucked about it was just the night before the storm I had obtained a dome tent and set it up, when I went back I found that the storm had imploded the tent, though I expected it had done so. The Derecho had straightline winds of 110mph in our area.

Few weeks later my Aunt decided to come get me and have me live with her for awhile. I was hesitant to even do that because she smokes and she’s a real downer. A couple years later she moved out and I ended up homeless again.