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My view is that the economical collapse will happen with the financial system first, the way it may happen is that one day before it is in the news your debt cards stop working, the same goes for your credit cards and the banks will not let you take money out. They will say that there is a system problem, then after two or three days the stock market goes down and the government stops all trading, the government may turn off the internet and TV so the people really do not know what has happened. Everyone after 7 to 10 days will know the economy collapsed.

Then the SHTF on the streets everywhere in the cities and even in some rural areas since even there their are people that do not prepare.At first electricity will be on but after the first 10 days it will go down too, water will be turned off too.

After that the U. S. will go though a long civil unrest that may last years, some may call it a civil war. Many will die. Even preppers will die. Some preppers buy everything needed but have never used them and when the time comes they end up in trouble. The first 30 days we will have many die from just not having the meds they need to live. Others will die from not having food or water and then there will be many that will die from crimes and killers that will go after the ones that have food or water.

Since it is a Financial Collapse this means there cars and trucks still work so you will see many heading to the rural areas which will be another type of war since the people that live in the rural areas do not want this to happen.

But there will be so many city people going to the rural areas it will be very hard to stop. People will be shooting at others that have gas for there cars to make it to the rural areas. Trucks with big tanks of gas will be hit hard in the cities.

Well that give you some ideas of what I think will happen.