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In my household we got together last October and I put on a powerpoint presentation. I categorized disasters as category 1 or category 2: based upon the response they would warrant.

Category 2 were less severe natural disaster, etc. We decided 70 days of food and supplies should be adequate. Category 1 represented massive disasters that would bring about a complete stoppage of society, aka SHTF.

Bugging In

In case of a nasty storm, riots, moderate collapse or whatever the case may be, we are prepared to bug in for 70 days, if not more. We have a lot of supplies in our basement stockpile, and plenty of firearms and ammunition to go with them. In these scenarios we don’t anticipate too much in the way or armed intruders, but we’re ready for them should they arrive. The plan is simply to get everybody home and hunker down. We will move our cars into a parking lot that is behind the school, across the street, and turn all the lights off and pretend nobody is home. If things are more severe, we will…

Bug Out

Our Bugout plan is to first assemble everyone at home. Once assembled (and likely even before that) we will begin loading up the vehicles with everything that we can. This is something we intend to practice at least a few times. We will then head to our bugout location. It is a 4 hour drive away, but is absolutely ideal. There, we will set up a perimeter, etc.

Secondary location is 2 hours south, to an Uncle’s property. Has good hunting grounds and a nice pond. Could be turned into a pretty good homestead.

If we can’t get out of the city (say, for example, DHS locks us down) I discovered a reasonable location this summer, within 20 minute walking distance. It is an old, thick, stone building, been abandoned for years. Has ideal defensive characteristics with thick stone walls and small slot windows on the second floor. Plenty of room, but not so much that it is indefensible.