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Ok that seems interesting, but think about his logically from a safety standpoint. All muzzle-loaders are loaded and them primed. If it is with a percussion cap, charging the frizzen on a flintlock or a 209 primer in an in line muzzle loader. There is a reason for that, Charges can go off unexpectedly with the gun is not expected if the rifle or musket is already primed! If you are tamping down on a load of shot or a bullet while the thing is already primed and it ignites for some reason (you do not need much of an imagination to think of a number of scenarios why this might happen) BOOM, you have lost your hand or worse. No I do not think this is a very good idea even if you might get away with it a time or two before catastrophe sets in. Remember Murphy is always watching and looking for an opportunity to mess you up, don’t give him any opportunity.