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Hello, Wizard. I’m a Christian (Catholic) and find your paragraph very disturbing.

Wizard… you may find this to be a surprise but I do not find what you’ve said to be hard to believe. This knowledge you speak of, however, does not come from ‘aliens.’ BE WARNED. You are being deceived! I CAN believe that you have psychic abilities. I believe that in such circles you’ve probably witnessed apparitions with powerful spirits, levitation, etc etc. But these beings who seem helpful or at least neutral to you are followers of Lucifer! This technology will not be used for good in this time. Perhaps, however, when the Kingdom of God is finally brought to Earth, as is promised. I have my doubts.

Jesus Christ is the way, the Truth, and the Light. Run from these entities! They will try to convince you that mankind can become ‘gods’ through advanced knowledge. This is a LIE! And the oldest lie in my book! In the Bible, Satan appears to Adam and Eve, and tempts them to eat from the tree of knowledge, from which God forbid them for their own good. Your post tells me you are deep into the occult. Get out! Get out before it is too late! These entities are working against you! Turn to Jesus Christ while there is still time!