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Alternative Beliefs:
Im a witch (sorcerer is more like it), who has psychic abilities, and connections with insiders who know (what they know runs the gamit of black ops to spiritual and occult).

I can say that no matter what anybody thinks they know about things, its such a dark underbelly that they just wouldnt believe it if they were told. And the more you know about it the more you see how much more is actually going on than you thought could possibly have been.

Thats why most people refuse to accept whats going on, their Subconscious sees the potential for that depth and it shuts its ears, tells the conscious mind to ask for Proof because it knows it wont be delivered and its safe from having to accept it.

That being said, I work for what most would call “god”. As in work directly for, not just some ideal. Worked for, before I was born in fact, and for much longer before that, and it dictated me being born here.

Despite as bad as things are, which everyone else in this world is about to find out firsthand without any way to ignore it . . . we are on course for everything to become Fixed and for us to live the kind of lives that we are supposed to live.

A world without Lack which is built on rules that dont concern themselves with Lack, or of Rulership either.

But that also means that the Current System has to come down. Built on lies, debt, and bureaucracy, with laws and government so good you can buy it (with a check actually).

That is where you’re going to get your SHTF. And thats where you’re going to get your Apocalypse (which is a word that means revelation of knowledge, strangely enough).

Earth disasters yeah there are some of those, they are unavoidable but at the same time they arent just coincidental either. Earth as we know it is in fact a living being with its own spirit, the planet is its body, and we are standing on it. Its angry but its not necessarily angry at us as a people, that doesnt mean that it wont break some fragile things when it has to let its rage out though.

Now for more concrete predictions.

Within 10 years we will have such a sufficiently advanced technology available to us that we will be able to live in space, on the ocean, or underground if we want to. Or on the surface. But its going to start getting colder and the new Ice Age will be apparent within the next 30 years, but I dont believe the ice pack will begin building in the extreme regions for another 5 years.

More on that Tech issue, even if it was not for the presence of Alien technology, human ingenuity alone could have put us on mars and beyond as early as the 1960s.

Fact is rapid pace of technological expansion at the end of the 1800s and the beginning of the 20th century did not stop. But instead of all of those inventions going mainstream, like science fiction thought would happen back then (thus predictions like FTL travel before the year 2000) . . . those inventions were all bought off by the people with the most power and influence. They took those things and stored them back for their own enjoyment and providence for the future. And sometimes handed them off to the secret projects (that they also dictate) to lend an edge in one place or another on the world, in their great puppeteer show.

Instead of Star Trek, they handed us 2 World Wars, a global economic Depression, and a Cold War that broke everybody’s bank account and set up a spy world par-excellant.

So these technologies are around, but if you looked through the classified patents or snuck a peek into some restricted nondiscript warehouse where the prototypes were being stored, you wouldnt know what it actually was.

With the downfall of the current regime, the way we live our lives right now, these things will be unlocked, since there will no longer be anyone there to threaten against, or prevent their use.

Some specific technologies I know of that we will have:
* * Matter Replication, or at least Nano-reassembly. By being able to literally fabricate matter seemingly from nothing, or rearrange matter to what you want, this will end Money as we know it and it will end Hunger too. Massive tracts of Farmland will be allowed to return to nature since the only food we will need to grow anymore, are new breeds or combinations of food to be reproduced later.
* * Wireless Transmission without using EM Waves. The ability to communicate wirelessly at virtually any distance without concern for line of sight, or the harmful side effects that can stack up as a result of exposure (some people are sensitive to EM radiation). I dont know the specifics but this is what ive been passed.
* * Free Energy – Yes we will have these too. Devices which can release energy without an apparent physical input. And not just in the kilowatt range either. A device the size of an ipod which can release as much energy as a small domestic power plant. And with this our dependence on fuel for energy will almost completely be put to an end (and the pumping of oil from the ground will become illegal). Technology related to this yields effortless propulsion too, and with that we run into the possibility of getting easy space travel or personal flying vehicles.
* * Healing Machines – This device uses a conflux of different electromagnetic waves, in selected harmonic phases and resonance, to cause the physical body to regenerate to its most ideal state. This isnt a portable machine and it wouldnt be cheap, but it would end most of the work of a Doctor. It does its work slow so its not the type of thing that can fix an immediate problem, so surgeons will still be useful.
* * Improved Computer Systems – Even as they currently stand, our computers are unnecessarily (and intentionally) inhibited and limited in what they can do. New computers built to improved specifications, combined with some new ways of handling processor construction will cause computer speeds and memory capacity to skyrocket almost immediately. Some new advancements projected such as optical processors are only a shadow of what we will have. Im not talking about Quantum Computers, though we already (secretly) have those.

I would have more to say but ive already stretched the imagination enough here. This is knowledge here though, not speculation.