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Sorry I have been away for a while. Novus Ordo, I too have only been using raised gardens for approximately 2 years. I am blessed to have pretty good soil and therefore did not use them for a number of years. One thing I did this year with one of my raised beds was built a frame for over the top. I simply took some 1×2’s, some plastic sheeting ( I recommend using the heaviest sheeting you can find or Plexiglas) and 2 hinges and turned it into a hot box/raised garden. I was able to start some of my vegetables early in the spring and will be able to hopefully enjoy some later into the fall. This year I tried it on mainly my onions. Obviously the height between the soil and the lid will determine exactly what you can plant. Although don’t limit it to much as the lid will remain open for most of the Summer. Also, if you try it make sure you include a way to secure the lid open. I did not early on and had to rebuild the lid when the wind destroyed the original. Most of my raised gardens are built from pallets I was able to acquire for free and scrap wood. I hope this gives you some ideas and GOOD LUCK!!