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When it comes to things like gardening, when you actually do it you quickly find out that not every type of veggie you plant is going to like your soil/rainfall/temp/sun/shade/length of growing season combination, let alone the critters big and small that live where you do. In 2010 I lost my entire apple crop to a late frost. In 2011 I had a bumper crop. In 2012 I lost the entire crop again to a late frost. In 2013 I again had a bumper crop. This year the crop is a fraction of last year’s due to a pounding rain that knocked a major part of the blooms off the trees. Last winter killed an apricot tree I had. Late frosts have greatly diminished the fruiting of my black walnut tree some years. Part of the reason why I have planted a variety of fruiting trees and shrubs these past few years is so as to spread my risk and better assure at least something will come in. Over time I will plant more of what I see does well here. My rhubarbs (which I transplanted from the old place) love it here. They barely grew at the old place. You can’t know this stuff until you actually do it.