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Ive got some solid suggestions on weapons like these.
The .32 adapter for a 308 is absolutely brilliant.

Ive always felt that the .32acp or some subsonic variant of the 7.65mm TT should have been the commercial equivalent of the .22. But history is full of alot of should-haves.

What I always tell people about getting a Ruger 10/22 or another .22 plinking rifle is . . .


Spend $50-100 more and get an S&W 22A or another similar .22 caliber Target Pistol. Then put a scope on it, a cheap one which is 3-6x and doesnt need a battery (no red dot). At the short range you have with that bullet you can reliably hit a small critter, which you can get within 50 yards of anyway. And if its a squirrel, possum, or cat up in a tree then thats like shooting fish in a barrel.

Why? Because it weighs 3 pounds or less, it can fit in a backpack or a bag (a rifle has to be slung), and you can shoot at point blank range if you have to. And it holds 10 shots.

Another suggestion ive given is 9x19mm can be used on small game with a subsonic (147gr) round. Its always good to try for a headshot but the lower velocity on it will cause little meat loss.

I gave that suggestion along with a $500 gun, one of the Masterpiece Arms uzi-lookalike weapons. Because you can get a barrel extension for improved velocity, and it has 30-35 round mags standard.
(I suggest that over a Glock because it can still be used up close, and with a 30+ round mag you can just give a triple tap as your default reaction)

As for the Sound a gun makes, forget about getting a suppressor and all the spaghetti red tape associated with it. They dont quiet the gun down that much. The simulated sound in movies for a suppressor is indoors where it just makes a pop or snap and you could barely hear it down the hall. Outdoors unfortunately the sound will still carry.

If you’re worried about making noise then you have to switch your position quickly. If anyone comes looking then you’re already gone.

Same goes for doing long range/sniping against people, take 1-3 shots and just get up and move to another spot, you avoid retaliation, avoid being flanked, and can continue to flank the people you’re trying to shoot (and possibly shoot a flanker who’s on the way to intercept you too). They dont know where its coming from and they waste a ton of ammo trying to get you, meanwhile they do the dying dance.