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No they are NOT testing our military. They know exactly what we are capable of.

Russian Bombers and other long range aircraft have been skirting the West Coast because they are using equipment to measure the magnetic field over Yosemite (Yellowstone). They are trying to figure out just how far along the pre-eruption state of yellowstone actually is.

The USGS has been covering up data about Yellowstone and they’ve been choking off intel from the researchers out there. Last month they had a 7 Magnitude quake in yellowstone and the USGS modified the data to make it look like a 2.2. They dont want to spread mass panic, they want people to be stupid about it until the day it blows. As of February 20th earlier this year they had massive ground bulge, hotspots on the ground which were softening and destroying asphalt and killing plantlife. And they have been getting Helium emissions.

Fact is Yellowstone Supervolcano is about to blow, and most of the people prepping in the united states are going to be caught off guard by it.

I found out about it through other personal connections.