Have a crossbow, had a compound, made a take-down flat bow and other self bows, have shot recurves (i like them) and intend to try making one soon.
‘Roving’ or ‘stump-shooting’ is good practice for a variety of ‘real-life’ archery situations and makes you into a more flexible archer.
I would suggest learning with a compound as you can develop some success and consistency more easily to start out and not get discouraged. Shoot without a sight or stabilizers though.
I would however, advocate learning to shoot a trad. bow of some sort though; a shorter recurve like a cavalry bow would be my suggestion; it is more mobile, often faster limbed, weighs less and has less ‘stack’ (though a higher early draw weight).
I would also suggest buying all three “traditional bowyer’s bible” books and a couple of draw knives and spoke shaves.
modern string materials might also be worth investing in (minimal space taken up, notably increased performance.