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74, somebody has to so why not old guys. Of course I say this feeling the effects of having taken a sledge hammer to two large but rotten stumps this morning, then an axe to chop out a few smaller stumps, and finally a shovel and hard rake to break up a couple mounds so as to smooth out the last part of my stone wall area. None of this has any prepping value whatsoever but was rather just aesthetic. I have now cleaned up my entire frontage (about 500′) on both sides of the stone wall. When I bought this place you couldn’t even see the wall in the dense growth, grape vines etc, plus there was an old farm fence on the inside that I have to cut away one section at a time to remove it. This space was roughly 10 – 15′ deep on the inside and 5 – 10′ deep on the road side, so a very big project overall. Lots of stones that had tumbled over a couple centuries had to be put back in place too. So yes, old guys rule.