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Hi Toby!
I don’t have a designated ‘wilderness survival kit’. When I leave the farm and go out into the great beyond I am always on horseback so, yes, I do always have saddlebags with me if I plan to go more than a 1/2 mile away that have stuff I might need in them. If less than 1/2 mile I have a small backpack. Always a hand gun, long outing – shotgun or rifle (depending where I will be going)

duck tape
spare horse shoe and nails
first aid kit with benadryl cream/ace wraps(for me and my horse)
canteen with water
waterproof matches/lighter in waterproof case
space blanket
multi-tool (always have my pocket knife with me)
machete (it’s a small hand held one with serration on one side)
energy bars and 3 days of dried/powdered meals
water filter (usually the steripen)
spare ammo
flares and solar flashlight

Good or bad that’s what’s worked for me.