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Hi Leopard thank you for link, sorry for only replying now, was taking care of some things this side, and weather been bad so my internet signal is very weak. I am truly sorry to hear how downhill South Africa has gone, My husband always quotes from the movie black diamonds where Leonardo di caprio says God has left S.A a long time ago. I simply disagree on that as it is not God, but the people in charge that runs a country and it’s citizens into dire straights. My heart cries out for the people of S.A, I too have witnessed quite a few horrific attacks, nearly been a gang rape victim myself, thank God I had a pepper spray on me, as for the breaking ins, they are so frequent it’s hard to keep track. I too have some family in S.A, which is why my husband and I are trying to get our little business going, So we too can bring the family over, There is no more space for the working white man in that country and even if you have the slightest bit of money it will be robbed of you. As for the Ebola (man – made) virus, I fear it won’t be long until it reaches South Africa and I know personally what the hospitals are like over there, you end up more ill when you leave the hospital than when you first entered it. If you don’t mind me asking what is your occupation over there.. as I know if you can find a job in that field in Ireland you can bring your family over on a working visa for 5 years and than after apply for residence here. Best is to look for jobs going on line in your field and than get all your docs ready and apply for as many as you can. I know they are always looking for couriers over here, so any job in logistics you will find apps online for. Best of luck, keep your eyes sharp and ears even sharper!