Interesting article.

I especially liked the part about planting the first garden and how it was an abject failure. Heh… so was ours. Tried just tilling the soil and planting seeds… got nothing but weeds and anything remotely resembling “food” was scarfed up by critters pretty quick. Had to end up going to the local extension and picking up a bunch of info on how to prep soils, etc. Then decided that our best bet would be a greenhouse. At least that way we’d have veggies, etc, growing year round and we could keep most of the critters out. Even learned how to plant potatoes vertically, using old tires stacked up. Pull off a tire, dig out the potatoes. Pull off another tire, etc.

Cutting wood to stay warm? Well, it would be nice to have a dedicated log splitter, etc. Spend the warm months stockpiling wood next to the house. Anyone ever try to split oak in the winter in minus cold? Heh… good luck with that.

As far as running or humping a ruck miles into the woods, forget it. I humped my last ruck a long time ago, and I am physically incapable of running. Well, I mean if someone’s shooting at me, I could probably haul ass a short distance, but distance running? Especially to keep in shape? Heh… a pipe dream. Physical strength isn’t the problem. It’s endurance.

The older I get, the more I rely on machines to accomplish what I did with muscle 20+ years ago. Digging holes. Tilling. Cutting wood. Yeah, I have hand tools that can do these things, and it is my hope that other members of my family will bug out to here, so the workload is spread amongst several people, instead of just me.

But.. we’ll see. Who knows? I just might start a workout program and get back a little that I lost… that way, I won’t drop dead of a heart attack schlepping a load of firewood into the house. :)

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1