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Agree you will have to decontaminate everything you wear. The problem will be the airborne viruses that will be everywhere so decontamination will be hard.

If there is an airborne virus we will have to bug in our houses till the all clear happens. Buy the best A/C filters , make sure your windows and doors don’t let air in, store all your food and water inside your home, have your extra water filter inside your home and filter all water, have other ways of cooking inside like a gas range, they sale the small ones. The electricity may go down and if you do not have a way to cook you will have to go outside.

I like the idea of having paper plates and cups so I use them and burn them in the fireplace. Medicines, make sure you have what you need, also have ibuprofen, acetaminophen, a very good multi-vitamin, all the ones that have shown that they may do something to slow down a virus like echinacea, vitamin c, zinc, and eat well.

All viruses go to war with our immune system so we need to make sure it is as strong as possible.

Remember that airborne viruses go into your body though the nose, mouth or eyes so cleaning your hands a lot will help. Try not to touch your eyes or putting your hands in your mouth.