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My kid is more calm than I am but then she’s a business senior in college and if that kind of pressure doesn’t get to her, she can handle most anything. As to what causes the most pressure it is definitely family siblings and their problems. Once we got them out of our lives our stress level went down dramatically. There is no question about it. We won’t be having any extended family in a future survival scenario. Our resouces and choices will be our own and if they don’t like it they’ll be looking at the muzzle end of my 12 ga. Its bad enough having to deal with everyday crazies (like Verizon employees bundling our phone plans without telling us) but when they know you and have studied you its 100 times worse. We used to give our daughter psychology books on psychopaths (Snakes In Suits, and Almost a Psychopath, Harry Potter/ Voldemort) so she could understand “the family” better. Its certainly a mess in the world today and Selco has some of the best survival advice out there.