Darin Prentice
Darin Prentice

march 20 to sep 19… 6 months in the rough bush. not much gold, but a lot of learning done. writing a book of everything and anything that worked, went wrong, or could prepare better for in the futer. gotta say… theres something to be said for having a vast tract of land in the cariboo high country. peace and quiet, fresh air and clean food. now that im back in town, i find myself wanting to endure a winter in them same mountains. realisticaly i need a second person for the long haul. i havent had much time with internet conection and cell reception is fuzzy at the best of times…..but i ask myself this, if i dont get reception then why do i keep getting messages that i owe money, or i keep getting voice mail… yet i cant use my phone due to lack of service.
well… first day back… hello to all… IM ALIVE… Darin…

Prepare, Preserve, Protect...