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I have been here almost two weeks now and know more. There are a lot of guys here from the same area of Florida that I am. It is conceivable that we could have a group of as much as a dozen people headed to the same location that are willing to work together. I am in the process of getting to know them so I can decide who to trust and not to trust and who to maybe trust if I have no other choice.

I will be purchasing heavy winter clothes I the next couple of weeks. I have been picking the brains of several people who were here last the winter and now know where to go to get what I need.

Once my paychecks start coming in regular I will begin preps in earnest. I have a decent stash at home and just before I left I actually got my wife on board with organized prepping. I will begin refining my at home preps when I am there. We typically work 30 to 40 days on and then have two weeks off so I will have the time and money to do what I need to. My family will either bug in or head to my brothers. It will depend on how much warning we have.

I will put together a BOB for here for both foot and vehicle travel. The snowshoes are a great idea, thanks. I have a good 4×4 truck with a 4 door cab and a hard cap cover that locks on the bed. I am going to pick up some snow chains and extra gas cans for it.

I am going to keep cash and silver on hand for purchases along the way.

Guns are not so easy. If they find out you even have an empty shell casing in your truck you are immediately fired. So I will have to be discreet about that prep.

There is a small airport here so I may even be able to arrange a plane to take me closer to my brothers if need be.

I imagine it will be difficult. But since most of the people in this country are sheep that will passively stand by and wait for the government to “fix it” I believe that I will have a window of opportunity to get home before they realize there is no fixing it.

My plan is to drive as far as I can, hopefully all the way. If I have to I will beg, borrow or steal what I need to get to my family. As someone said earlier, regular rule of law no longer applies. I will most likely have my son with me if he is not at home already when it happens.

Even if nothing happen it will be a good exercise. Thanks for all the advice.