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Excellent article. Very realistic. It is good to be optimistic and have a positive can do attitude but one still needs to be realistic. We all need to recognize our weaknesses. I am not a warrior at heart and don’t expect I ever will be. I have guns and plenty of ammo and will use them if I need to, but that’s not the skill set that I will bring to whatever group I find myself in post-SHTF. Few people are truly skilled and have the personality for every aspect of survival/prepping. I try to stay fit and am no stranger to hard labor but there is no way my wife is bugging out anywhere by foot if the BOL is more than a mile from here. My plans thus do not assume going anywhere. We are where we are come what may and that was a key consideration when I bought the place I did. Being 61 at this point I am also realistic in recognizing that I am past my prime and that my ability for hard labor isn’t going to increase with time. This is why I have been doing the hard work these past few years of cleaning up and transforming my property into something productive that we might need in the future. It is a whole lot easier and cheaper to go to the farmer’s market for fruits and veggies than it is to be putting in gardens, shrubs, and trees, and then all the work of harvesting and preserving, but if I do it now, we’ll have something to draw upon later when I’m less able to do the work of getting things established. Hopefully I leave something useful here for the kids.

On the gardening & food preservation issue, lots of folks have assumed they’ll have gardens but not many think through how they will preserve the food. There are multiple ways of doing that of course, but if you are going to can, having only a couple dozen jars on hand isn’t going to get you very far. How about lids? Vinegar, salt, sugar?