<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>They will never seal the borders because of the interruption of trade. We and everyone else are codependent with Just On Time items. When something stops working it impacts a chain event because their are no reserves. If we seal off the Mexican border 75% (my estimate) of our produce will disappear, along with anything else produced in mexico. There is a lot of manufacturing in mexico like pharmaceuticals and equipment shipped to the US that we don’t think about.

Sealing the border wouldn’t stop the flow of goods, just divert them through customs and have actual inspections on them rather than just passing truck after truck through the borders unchallenged.

The use of quarantine facilities, such as Ellis Island from years past would slow the tide of immigrants and visitors for sure, but without having everyone pass through medical inspection, especially those who may have been in infected areas, is only going to allow the diseases in.
Anyone who bypasses ‘immigration’, regardless of how long they’ve been here, goes home. Immediately, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Anchor children? They can come back when they’re 18. Wouldn’t want to separate kids from their parents.
Legal immigrants? Here’s the forms, hope you can pass the test and have enough money to start out anew, it will be a requirement.