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The effects of fatigue on decision making can be an issue for me at least. I may move on things too quickly just to be done with it. Otherwise I stay extremely calm in emergencies, quickly accept whatever has happened as reality, and start moving about doing what needs to be done. I don’t allow myself to become a deer caught in the headlights. Many years ago I stayed over at my parent’s home one night, about 4 hours from my home. I was tending an elderly relative of my wife’s who was dying about 2 hours further on from there. Within a mile of their house as I headed out a kid who had gotten his license 3 days earlier came roaring out of a convenience store parking lot and hit me hard enough to push my brand new full sized station wagon sideways across the road. Neither of us were hurt but I still had a serious situation to tend with the dying Great Aunt two hours away. This was a largely Italian neighborhood and in the few minutes it took for the police to arrive, the kid ran around the parking lot a couple times screaming “My Dad is going to kill me”, then ran home, and all of the female relatives of the clan show up and start their wailing. The kid is now miraculously hurt and needs an ambulance, despite all the running he just did,and the mother, aunts, sisters, cousins are all screaming at me “Why did I do this to Tony” despite the clear physical evidence that he broadsided me at a high rate of speed. The police are taking statements and won’t let the ambulance leave until they’re done with the kid which has the ladies really wailing up a storm, and I quietly go up to the cop and tell him that the kid isn’t hurt, that he ran around the parking lot, then went home to get his mother before the police arrived. My father happens to drive by, sees me and my car and stops. I tell the police my just about totaled car can be towed to the local garage, my father takes me back to his house, and I set about looking for a rental before everything closes in about an hour, get the rental, make it in time before the Great Aunt dies, then proceed to make the funeral arrangements, silence her greedy nieces who were seeing $ signs before the funeral is even over, clean out her apartment, and head home again in my rental. On the day of the accident my father told my mother afterwards that he was worried something was wrong with me because I was so calm.in all that chaos. I don’t try to be calm. I just am.