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We may have all been created equal, none a ‘better’ person than another – but I think everyone excels when working within a specific framework. As in nature. There are worker bees, drones etc. Some are born to lead, some to follow. This is why in a survival situation, as Selco has encouraged, it is best to be a part of a group where you inevitably will have people who fall to their natural inclinations – and hopefully one of those is a leader, or a ‘lieutenant’ sort who is able to process a lot of clues and information bits, see a picture, analyze and form a plan of action quickly. Not everyone has that ability in their makeup.

Individuals that have gone through many trials in life and are still standing are those that I have always find I am drawn to. They have been dirt poor. They have had money. Etc. They are still standing…and positive…and thriving. They are up to a challenge. These are people that can keep their sh*t together under pressure because it is nothing new to them. And, a lot of that pressure also comes from within themselves because they demand a certain level of excellence and achievement – from themselves. And, I don’t mean the world’s idea of excellence/achievement as measured in ‘things’ and cash in the bank. They have learned and lived through enough to have it become ingrained -that to confront reality and act accordingly is always preferred to delusion and inaction. Rolling stones gather no moss theory.

It’s a good exercise to have with yourself now. Realistically examining who you are, how you have reacted and why to the past ‘emergencies’ and ‘pressures’ of your life….which of course no doubt will be minor to those encountered SHTF. If you honestly realize you don’t handle pressure in general, well, this should bump forming or seeking to become part of a group to the top of your list. And, if you don’t handle pressure well….don’t beat yourself up about it and criticize yourself. You have other strengths that are just as valuable to a group.