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The writer is absolutely correct of course.

We have members of our community trail group that ride horses about once a week, but have white-collar and executive jobs. They are absolutely shocked at how exhausted they are at the end of one of our weekend day outings. Just for one instance. Riding on a trail for an hour or so once a week is a lot different than spending 8 hours in a saddle actually working your horse, using his strength to move rocks and logs etc and going up and down mountains and through fast moving, deep streams and small rivers. Mounting/dismounting a ton of times, getting off/on and nailing up boards, chainsawing up logs, clearing brush and trails.

Oh and then there is the shock of the work involved in actually cutting up and cleaning up an actually large felled tree. Had many people over the years want ‘free’ wood in exchange for help – can’t make it until noon and so chagrined they try and insist on paying for wood. I just laugh and tell them I’m happy to have helped educate themselves. You don’t just drop a tree, take the wood you want and leave the freaking rest of the mess. Not on my place anyway.

Won’t even get in to the ‘gardening’/growing food thing other than to say the biggest problem is people have no concept of the AMOUNT of food they must grow/preserve if not in a year ’round great growing climate to feed themselves. much less a family. Have no idea the work that THAT alone entails. Zero. Grow a nice little veggie garden? Good. Now let’s talk about doing it to live off of all year – not a hobby!

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