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You can’t blame the folks in Ferguson for making demands when govt. has created the expectation that such demands will be fulfilled. No different than a child that never gets no for an answer from their parents.

Jay is right on with his comment about skills. Just being a good worker isn’t good enough anymore when there are others who are good workers that also have the skills that the world needs. Yes this is a tough situation for older workers facing a world that demands new and different skills but it is what it is. A former neighbor of mine found himself in need of a new career in his late 50’s after being self-employed for a long time, and unfortunately early retirement was not an option for him financially. He went back to school, became a nurse, and took a 3rd shift job at the local hospital. He re-invented himself at an age that most folks just say they’re too old to do anything different. While I understand the plight of the older worker, young people have no excuse for coming into the workforce unprepared. Were I to be a High School Guidance Counselor, in the brief period prior to my being fired for being old fashioned, I would give kids the message that if you cover yourself in tatoos and poke holes in your face, tongue and ears (those big ones, not normal earring holes) to “express” yourself, don’t expect prospective employers to take you seriously. Same goes for coming to an interview dressed like a hooker or a street thug. And if by some miracle you do get hired best you be on time and come with the attitude you’re there to help the company achieve its goals, not for the company to meet your goals. In the week or so it’d take me to get fired I might do somebody some good. I might also add a very politically incorrect thing we’re not supposed to speak of, but one which very much exists in the real world, if you come to an interview and cannot speak proper English (native born folks, not immigrants), you are essentially shouting “I’m uneducated”. Can’t read, write, spell at an acceptable level? Same thing. Can’t do basic arithmetic in your head? Same thing. In all these cases you could well have a high IQ, but you are projecting a very different image.