Very well put 74.

The attitude of these people is not surprising. What people dont really understand is that if you do not bring real usable skills along you will simply become unnecessary in the very very near future. Its not the job of the government to find a job for you, its your job to be useful enough for the society to be needed.

Technological unemployment will shock the world in the coming years and the current system has no proper way of dealing with this.

Unconditional basic income is one way forward (lots to read and understand about this, it does have lots of benefits and is not communism, its cheaper and more effective than the welfare system we have now), other than that we will have to face class warfare.

Poor countries where people still farm will be less affected by this. For example Cambodia will still work without power more or less. You see plenty of people on bikes because they cant afford motorbikes and its common to farm with the help of animals instead of machines.

In developed countries technological unemployment is in my opinion one of the most likely social problems that will cause or hugely accelerate the descent into civil unrest and maybe even civil war.

Alea iacta est ("The die has been cast")