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Chris.Alaska – No I have never used composted human waste because I have no need I suppose. Septic tank and indoor toilets. When I eventually have to move the outhouse we’ll just dig new holes I expect. Why? Easier. Plus between the horses, the cows chickens and rabbits I have enough ‘compost’/fertilizer.

Some big farms around here do use human biosolids they are paid to take from large towns and closer cities. They have to post notices before it is applied however, and make for bad neighbors, because it smells to high heaven. I have never taken the time to see how they process that – normally in composting the end product doesn’t smell.

In China, in very rural areas, they still compost humanure and use it and have for centuries. Heaven knows if you have ever traveled and seen the shanty towns in India, Rio and many parts of Africa with decades of dried and current non-dried human waste mounded, stacked and even leveled and built on it certainly would be a better use for it. Some of these shanty towns, when it rains, the places are flooded with water and human waste. Dysentery and other diseases of course then just get worse.

I read in Boing Boing that Bill Gates Foundation was funding the research/engineering of using human waste to produce fuel or something like that. It was interesting.

We in the west I think get freaky about bodily function and forget human waste is a huge problem for much of the world. See this latest development, the ‘Poo Bag’ – I choked on my breakfast when I read about it because it is so true – streets there in many areas full of bags of yes, ‘****’.