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74, if the SHTF, and my daughter & family are able to make it here (son will definitely come but he is only 100 miles away, she is 850 miles from here), the reality may well change her worldview, especially with her having two babies (currently 28 months and 4 months). Where she lives in an upscale suburban area you’d be hard pressed to see evidence that the economy continues to deteriorate, and being busy with babies all day she isn’t getting more than headline news from the main stream media. I keep trying to chip away at their awareness and thinking each time I see them, and will have another opportunity in a few weeks. The last time I was there I took the 2 year old with me to buy ammo at a Gander Mountain store, and had fun telling them I took her for her 1st ammo run. My son-in-law surprised me by saying when the girls are teenagers I can teach them how to shoot. Maybe there’s hope for them!

One thought I had, regardless of who is at my house is to assign individuals a core responsibility so it isn’t me trying to be all things to all people. For example, my son takes the lead on security, me the gardening, daughter managing the food stores, my wife child care while the rest of us work etc