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Today – if I can gather the energy after appropriate caffeine consumption – I have a bunch of chores to finish before I get back to ‘work’ for my business:
-drag 3 paddocks/turnouts
-move the smaller logs to splitting area from big huge oak that fell in last storm (pictures below with comments above)
-paint and clean up outhouse for winter (pictures and info in another post/topic)

Then back to computer work (this is just a break from chores!)

First pick shows just part of the mess this huge old pin oak left after last storm (has to be fenced off so horses can’t get out or hurt themselves in the big pit the root ball left)
Second shows part of the mess/give u an idea of size of tree. My friends cut the huge trunk and helped chain up the limbs etc. Yesterday I cut off all the smaller branches and burned them in the pit where the root ball was
Third shows the stump attached to the root ball slowly burning (still!) on the inside. I figured I’d burn as much off and out as I could before trying to move and dispose of the ******)
Fourth – close up of inside of another/rotted portion burning

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