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Reliably and fit are the 2 biggest factors in selecting an EDC concealed carry gun. If it doesn’t fit your hands or the recoil is more than you can handle you will not be as accurate with your shots. Fit makes it a little difficult to say this one is better than that one across the board. I personally carry a compact 1911. I like the relatively slim lines and like the trigger better than polymer guns. A lot of the polymer guns don’t have safety buttons on the side of the gun, instead it is built into the trigger or has a long trigger travel before it fires to prevent accidental discharge. I have a friend who is a police officer tell me about a call he responded to about a pit bull. The dog charged him and he drew his weapon. He was squeezing the trigger as the dog came at him. By the time the gun went off the dog was only a few feet away and crumpled sliding to a stop at his feet. He told me all he remebers thinking was go off, Go Off, GO OFF while he squeezed the trigger. That is why I like a single action trigger. It does take some practice as mentioned in the article but I just like it better.