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Good topic, and one that I have thought about without resolution. If it is just my son & his wife & dog, I don’t see any issues. If it were just our daughter, hubby & kids, I don’t see any issues. If both, I need a meeting of the minds so to speak because son & daughter are as opposite as night and day. He’s solidly in the libertarian camp and she’s a liberal through and through and they see the world through different lens. His dog is like his kid. She doesn’t want his dog near her kids. It’s a border collie/husky mix and just wants to be loved, not a pit bull or anything like that. Just having them all here for a couple days at Christmas is stressful and I sometimes find myself playing referee and/or walking on eggshells so to speak. It is possible son would bring a couple of his survivalist type friends. I have met them but don’t know them well. They would greatly aid the security detail aspect of this being that seems to be a strength of his little group, but what else they bring to the table I don’t know. Who else might show up is an unknown to me.