Good start Matt76. Good to have practice runs as well. My advice – get to know your future survival buddies. Go camping often. My dad used to say Take your boyfriend on a good hiking trip before saying YES. Think you need to choose your friends well in life and do the best you can with family :)
If you know that it will end soon (the visit), your mindset is different. But it goes both ways. Say you go sailing on a boat – from the very beginning your mindset will be to stay calm and collected. There is simply nowhere to go with your cabin fever on a boat. You simply need to work things out and make it work.

But it is definitely something I think about often – I think strong independent people used to doing things for themselves might battle a little bit. how to get to that certain state of mind – to be as patient as my grandmother. I’ve realized that “well trained” men that’s been married for a while, settle in well in big group of people. The loners might get irritated with the children. To accept the situation knowing the person is old and not thinking that clearly anymore, just like you need to accept that children ears hurt when flying.

In a survival situation it would be best to do things military style. To keep things as neat as possible and to know where everything is at all times. To have certain people do certain things that they are good at. And communicate often. There will be times when a small thing will bother you – and then there will be serious and very sad times when just the big things will bother you.