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Great topic Tweva. Due to housing plans, my father and mother in law, brother in law and his wife and my wife, 2 children and I all lived in the same house for 2 years. YIKES!!!! It was kinda fun at first but after the new wore off …..well let’s just say it was an adventure. :) it is amazing just how aggravating “the little things” can be. One of the things we found helped a lot was giving each family their own space within the house, a place where no one was allowed unless invited in. These were the bedrooms in our case. It was their “house.” When you have 3 kings and 3 queens of a household under one roof it helps if they each have their own territory to rule. The living room and kitchen were commons areas. Finding a niche for each individual helps too. That niche or duty is performed the way that person does it. Here’s an example. My mother in law is a neat freak with a good helping of OCD. Needless to say after a while that will rub anybody the wrong way. Her niche was the kitchen. We all piched In to cook and clean up after dinner but the kitchen was cleaned to her standard and arranged as she wished. My wife handled laundry. My wife is 4’10” so the laundry room was arranged so she could reach everything and was to her liking. We all did laundry but we did it in the manner that helped her the most. I could go on and on but this is a start.