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Today I’m going to pick more apples from my trees today and set them aside in the potting shed for making cider in a couple weeks. I’ve got a small cider press. http://www.happyvalleyranch.com/Homesteader-PressbrbrComplete-with-Grinder_p_9.html A week ago I set some aside and will process them as my first batch in another week. As much as I like cider, my real goal is to start making vinegar that I can use for canning. Come a long term SHTF scenario when we’re on our own, the ability to preserve food will be critical, and though I keep a lot of vinegar set aside, it’ll run out quickly enough if I am canning hundreds of jars. After I’m done harvesting apples this autumn, I plan to trim the trees while the leaves are still on them so that I can see them better. I never trim enough when I do it late winter/early spring because visually I’m just not seeing where it’s too thick. I know how to do it in theory but I always get hesitant when I’m standing there with loppers and a saw in my hand.