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My in laws and most of my family are close. My father in law and parents and one of my sisters live on the same street. (We have 30 acre blocks so a large part of the street is ‘ours’ so to speak) my father and sister are at variying stages of prepped my father is pretty full on and prepared to bug out if need be. My youngest sister and her husband are about 20 mins by car from us and are prepped, my bro in law plans on bugging out west (the opposite direction to us ;) ) were he knows the lay out ect.
My father is prepped for us ‘kids’ to some degree. I am prepping for more than just ourselves in mind. But am expecting hubby to bring mother in law in if tshf. So I am expecting extras. I think though as soon as it is realised that things are bad most of our neighbours will work together. For the short term at least. I talk to some about prepping but not too many as I do not really want a horde of people arriving to get help. Thinking ‘oh I remember ‘she’ has prepped. I dont think we will have to much trouble. In the begining at least.