One of my black employees phoned me a few minutes ago. He asked for help. He is not home and someone at home was busy breaking down his door. His wife and child inside. I knew it would take me more than 20 minutes to get there. By then it might be to late. Phoning the police an option but not good enough in that area. I just asked him – Do you know your neighbors numbers. He said yes. I said “I will put money on your phone – get ready to phone” I logged on to online banking. Bought airtime for his prepaid phone. Then called him on the two way radio. He confirmed that he was phoning.

I wanted to leave, to take him to his wife, but it being very late at night, thought it might be wise to wait. Stay put and organize first – .. Waiting just a minute or two can feel like forever. Having more means to communicate very good. All you need to do is push a button on two way radio and you can make sure what you are saying on phone is heard on the radio as well.

The neighbors came to her rescue. The robber run away. The door need to be replaced. Other sleeping arrangements was made. Everything calm again.