If we need to run that rule and reset the world clock back with a century or two to see ” to whom which country belong” it would most certainly be strange?
So many South African friends and family all over the world that miss their home country, dear “Irish” – knowing they will never return. They learned to appreciate their new life and country. I really do hope it stays that way. The world economy being what it is.. This news link for you then Campandpreppioneers. http://www.beeld.com/nuus/2014-09-08-beroof-wyl-hy-bloei But somehow I do not feel like sharing all the horrible South-African news anymore. It is simply just to horrible.

Part of me want to show survivalist how cruel people can become when SHTF. But to make things worse, S has not even hit the fan here yet ! And for that reason I do not think it will be the same in civilized countries.

Ok – I will translate the link from newspaper: “While a 20 -year-old man from Krugersdorp was bleeding along the road after a horrific crash, about 20 bystanders tackled him, dragged him by his broken arm, to rob him .

Earlier this year, his father, Quinton Wagner, was shot dead in front of him in an armed robbery.
Wagner is still fighting for his life in the intensive care unit at the Milpark Hospital, in Johannesburg .

On Friday, 12h00, he was thrown from his motorcycle when a pickup truck hit him from behind. About 20 bystanders of a nearby taxi rank then jerked and dragged him” like a piece of cloth ” from the accident scene into the bushes .

Since Friday he has had three operations. He can not breath by himself and is on a ventilator, blood in his lungs , his liver was torn and six of his ribs, his right arm and collarbone were fractured . Wagner ‘s pancreas is damaged and he suffered injuries to his legs.
A businessman from Krugersdorp, Mr Henemann, was on the scene when Wagner was robbed . Henemann said the young man ‘s right arm had a bad open fracture and the bone was sticking out from his shirt. But it was no deterrent for the attackers. They held him by his broken arm and dragged him through the bush, Henemann said.

” A client was on his way to me . He drove into the young man and called me immediately for help. I was not too far from the accident scene and rushed there . I could not believe my eyes seeing the boy being dragged around. We jump out of my truck to stop them, but the robbers pounced on us . The robbers ripped the boy’s helmet from his head. The boy was laying on his backpack . The robbers shook him like a piece of cloth trying to get it off first. They also fought each other for his shoes ”

Henemann said the robbers held him, preventing him from tending to the victim. His wallet and cell phone, and his client cell phone and laptop was taken from them. Wayne Boyder, together with Henemann, said the Krugersdorp community policing forum (CPF) acted quickly. “The CPF helped them to chase the robbers away. They contacted the police, but only one police vehicle arrived . Other police vehicles drove past us”.

” The CPF blocked off the road for an Emergency helicopter to land. When the helicopter landed, the robbers ran to attack them. The CPF managed to keep the robbers away, while two police officers sat aside, not even taking statements.”

The victim’s mother, Monique Wagner, on Monday night said 2014 had been a difficult year, because her husband was shot dead during a robbery in January in front of her son. ” I hope and pray my child survive this nightmare . It’s only due to the grace of God that he is alive. ”

Ao. Solomon Sibiya, from police said Monday he could not comment. He said no one told him about the incident .