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If you don’t mind I would like to give you some Afrikaaner to Afrikaaner advice, the “apartheid” has been switched around, A much former generation oppressed the black nation and this bred the hatred for the white people. only problem is that today’s generation has got nothing to do with the past and oppression and lack of rights the black people had back than and are even willing and open to segregation and living as equals, though their is a feeling of revenge in the heart of the black africans and that has put fear into the white generation of today and to some degree has led to racism. Now my point is to be frank with you, I know the black people, zulus, sothos etc was first resident in South Africa and though they lived there first, they lived the cave man lifestyle without an economy, There was a war when the white men came and though they drove the blacks out and oppressed them they also started building the economy, every street, building, jobs, schools etc. Now my point I’m making is the blacks in South Africa believe that the country belongs to them and that they deserve all it has to offer, without a real education, they have taken control and though they don’t know much about the economy, they are destroying it due to lack of knowledge, I am not racist, I understand the oppression the blacks had to undergo as well as their current state of mind and the will power they have to take back the country without contributing to it in the first place,

now my advice to you, is that your freedom and family is worth much more than what our country has to offer, If you can get out of the country, do, if you can’t than at least get out of the main cities, Find a place that offers more security preferably whrere there are groups of white people around and built a community to serve and protect each other, I may be looked at as a traitor for leaving my homeland, but at the end of the day I will trade the sunshine and beauty of my country any day for freedom and safety of my family. When the terrorists are gone we can return and rebuilt our county, No point worrying about the land if there will be no people left to care for it again, as for the animals God will look out for them, it’s why he blessed them with very strong animal instincts!