Actually I can say NACALT. Because they aren’t.

I wasn’t, the guys I worked with weren’t. Ok, one but he got fired for it also and is out of LE work permanently.
The guys here aren’t.

You can post articles about all the bad ones,
I can post articles about all the good ones.

I do take it personally, just like I take it personally when each of these scumbags make the rest of us look bad.
I may not wear a badge anymore, but it’s still there in spirit.
People compare LE to a gang, it’s not.
It’s a family. You may not like all your family members, but they’re still family.
And like any family, one does something to embarrass himself, it embarrasses you all.

On another forum I used to frequent until it went completely rabid, I asked what the difference was between painting all preppers/survivalists/patriots with the same brush, just like what happens with LE.

Do you want to be put in the same basket as Martin Winters?


Or Knapp?


Or Smith?


Or McVeigh?

It really is the same, lumping idiots from the fringes in with the rest, of any group.
Be it preppers, cops, patriots, it doesn’t matter, there are always bad ones and if we focus on the bad, we lose sight of the good.