Hats off and heads bowed for the 343+ NYFD members and 71+ LE officers killed at or because of the 911 attacks.

Real heroes run into trouble when everyone else is running out.

I had just finished a graveyard shift, pulled off my uniform and jumped under the covers when the phone rang.
The voice on the other end said turn on the tv.
I asked what channel, the response, any channel.
As I warched the screen came alive, I watched the second plane hit.
My pager went off, the message was for all shifts to come in early, and bring all ‘roll out gear’. Also bring spare uniforms and anything else we may need to pull extra shifts if needed.

We spent the next week dealing with panicked residents seeing terrs behind every bush. Our criminal class took the week off it seemed.

It took a week to find out about two friends who were there, both killed in the collapses. One wasn’t found and identified for months.

Friends, comrades, brothers behind the badges.
You are remembered.